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Học Tạng Ngữ Qua Các Trang Mạng Liên Hệ

Wikipedia Tibetan
- Information about Tibetan grammar, phonology, writing systems, dialects etc. 
Omniglot Tibetan
- Information on the Tibetan writing system, different writing styles & useful links. 
UCLA Tibetan profile 
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Tibetan.  
I Want to Learn Tibetan by Brice Musgrave
- An essay on Tibet history, Tibetan, obstacles to learning it, grammar and more.
How to Learn Tibetan
- Tips on learning and recommended learning materials.
Tibetan Articles
- Several articles on Tibetan and Tibet including 'The Seven Elements of Tibetan' and 'Tibetan in the Wild'. 
Studying Tibetan at University
- Gives reasons for studying Tibetan and FAQs.
Languages of the World Tibetan 
- Concise article on Tibetan dialects, phonology, grammar, vocabulary, writing and current status in the world.

The Tibetan Language Student
- A great website with information on Tibetan grammar, the alphabet, readers and reviews of other learning materials.
THDL Tibetan
- Audio & video for beginning Tibetan & colloquial dialogues and texts for literary Tibetan. Not all units have instructional material.
A Week in Rebkong, Amdo
- A multimedia 10 lesson course on the Amdo dialect of Tibetan.

Buddhist Tibetan Class
- Audio lessons on the philosophical background of Tibetan and sacred texts. 
Tibetan Language Institute
- Several exercise and practice sheets are available in the 'Free Study & Practice Aids' section.
Learn Tibetan Script
- A thorough primer on the alphabet, conjunct letters, numbers and practice putting words & phrases together.
Learn Some Tibetan
- Useful words and phrases with audio.
Digital Dialects 
- Multimedia games for learning Tibetan numbers, colours and the alphabet.
Learn Tibetan 
- 10+ lessons teaching the Tibetan script and grammar.
Blo-gros.info - Tibetan language
- Guide to Tibetan script, basic phrases, a short story with English translation and a list of Tibetan Buddhist terms and phrases.

Tibetan Writing Course
- Short videos showing how to write letters in the Tibetan alphabet.
Brahmi ScriptsTibetan alphabet 
- Comparative charts of Brahmi descended scripts as well as an overview of the Tibetan script.
Tibetan Characters Learning Software
- A downloadable program for learning the Tibetan script.  

Tibetan Reference Grammar by N. Tournadre, 2003
- A short online reference grammar on basic Tibetan grammar.
チベット語研修テキスト (Tibetan Language Training Textbook) by H. Kitamura, 1974 (no. A065-69)
チベット語研修テキスト(Tibetan Language Training Textbook) by H. Kitamura, 1983 (no. A134-136)
チベット語研修テキスト(Tibetan Language Training Textbook) by M. Hoshi, 1995 (no. A239-241)
- Complimentary copies may be available if you e-mail the university.
Teaching & Learning Tibetan: The Role of the Tibetan Language in Tibet's Future from the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, 2003   

Talk Tibetan
- Teaches basic Tibetan phrases, conversations for listening practice, with online transcripts in transliterated Tibetan. 

- A blog on classical Tibetan language, translation and reading Tibetan Buddhist texts.
Tibetan by Osmosis
- One man's attempt to learn Tibetan by listening to hours and hours of Tibetan audio. Probably best taken as 'what not to do' as his attempt did not work very well.


Tibetan Language Student
- Forums on Tibetan Q&A, translations, news and discussions etc. An active forum that looks very useful to learners.
E-Sangha Tibetan forums
- Another big forum about everything to do with the Tibetan language. Need to register to view.
Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with some useful threads for Tibetan.

Authentic Materials
Voice Of America & Radio Free Asia 
- News, radio and video (on VOA) in Tibetan.
Voice of Tibet
- Daily online radio with one month archive and special feature videos.

Tibetan-English Dictionary by Andrés Montano Pellegrini
- Online one-way dictionary with Tibetan script keyboard.
Tibetan Fonts & Software
- Gives an overview and reviews of different fonts and software available on the internet. 
- A downloadable java program for typing Tibetan on your computer.
Tibetan on the Mac
- Reviews different software for typing Tibetan on the Mac and PC.
Online Keyboard for Tibetan
- An easy way of typing Tibetan. Just select any of the displayed characters to start writing.
Microsoft 2000/XP Support Package
- A downloadable package with Chinese, Yi, Tibetan, Mongolian and Thai fonts.